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SHA Disability Consultancy Ltd.


SHA provides independent disability assessments to social care, health care and housing agencies on an outsourced partnership basis.

Established in 1995, SHA is experienced at county and metropolitan level, and has a reputation for quality, cost effective provision and innovation. We help organise your workflow by providing a dedicated team of occupational therapists and /or physiotherapists tailored to meet your specific needs.

An SHA partnership supports assessment and follow up for :

  • Blue Badge, Freedom Pass, Taxi Card and Disabled Parking Bay eligibility.
  • Moving & Handling.
  • Double Handed Care Review- reduction to single handed care via joint working with care agency staff.
  • Multiagency integrative working required for people with complex health needs where care is funded via Continuing Health Care funding
  • Special Educational Needs transport assessments
  • Reablement.
  • Major and minor adaptations including DFG recommendations.
  • Specialist equipment e.g. seating, showering.
  • Standard equipment.
  • OT wait list clearance, ongoing monthly allocations.
  • Eligibility for Patient Transport Services.

Client Testimonials

“SHA have acted as Mobility Assessment contractors on behalf of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets for over 10 years. They have consistently provided an excellent service in assessing applicants for Blue Badges; Disabled Persons Freedom Passes; Taxicards and Personalised Disabled Bays. I have always found them to be flexible and responsive to changes in the field of mobility assessments, including being proactive in respect of recent changes to the Blue Badge legislation to include Non-visible criteria.

I would commend them on the excellent administration service they provide including arranging appointments for our applicants and their highly efficient accountancy practices they employ in relation to invoicing and budgetary control.”

Terry Collins, London Borough of Tower Hamlets


Thank you so much for your time The blue badge will be so beneficial to help us venture out safely

Really felt good after speaking with you. Thank you for taking your time in listening and much appreciate your support        Once again THANK YOU


The SHA Team structure

SHA personnel are professionally qualified, competent and experienced, with a proven track record of excellence in their field. All have been managerially inducted into the company, and are professionally supervised to meet our framework of high quality standards, policies and procedures, as well as client performance targets.

Working in partnership with

We provide a dedicated team of occupational therapists tailored to your specific needs and offer a range of partnership options:

  • Spot purchase – A one off project which addresses a fixed number of allocations in any OT discipline. Sometimes issued on a price checked basis, rather than full tender
  • Block Contract – A contract specifying a fixed number of allocations monthly over a longer term
  • Service Level Agreement – A contract which describes a service to be delivered by the contractor with projected allocations, which may vary from month to month
  • Screen waiting list backlogs
  • Deliver professional reports to given deadlines ensuring key performance indicators are met
  • Complete follow up work, for example equipment trials and/or joint visits with surveyors to progress specifications for home adaptations
  • Monitor progress by weekly database updates
  • Review performance to assure continuous quality improvements
  • Invoice and reconcile payment discrepancies promptly
  • Hold and manage budgets on your behalf providing monthly financial status reports

Working With SHA

Becoming an Associate

SHA is committed to equal opportunities. Employment will be determined only by personal merit and in all cases the ability to perform the job will be the primary consideration.

SHA holds annual away day team events where all staff are invited to attend. There is at least one CPD certificated training session on each away day. These events are free of charge to SHA staff. Here are some photo’s of our latest away day held on Saturday 25th September, where Caretech UK Ltd provided the CPD training session.