Services & Performance

Experienced Senior Practitioners

We provide a dedicated team of occupational therapists and physiotherapists tailored to your specific needs and offer a range of partnership options:

  • Spot purchase – A one off project which addresses a fixed number of allocations. Sometimes issued on a price checked basis, rather than full tender.
  • Block Contract – A contract specifying a fixed number of allocations monthly over a longer term.
  • Service Level Agreement – A contract which describes a service to be delivered by the contractor with projected allocations, which may vary from month to month.
  • Framework Agreement – This agreement is for specified services, called off as and when demand arises
  • Project Work – For example to pilot new approaches, establish a professional role within a new service area, research.


We will:
  • Screen waiting list backlogs
  • Deliver professional reports to given deadlines ensuring key performance indicators are met
  • Complete follow up work, for example equipment trials and/or joint visits with surveyors to progress specifications for home adaptations
  • Monitor progress by weekly database updates
  • Review performance to assure continuous quality improvements
  • Invoice and reconcile payment discrepancies promptly
  • Hold and manage budgets on your behalf providing monthly financial status reports
  • Provide Special Educational Needs transport assessments
  • Provide parking bay assessments


We provide:
  • Short and longer term inputs